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Title: How-dily ho-dily neighbour-reenos!
Post by: Pancake01 on Apr 02, 2020, 11:43 pm
Hi guys, used this website extensively to get my BnW working on my windows 10 machine (thanks a lot btw Matt, how are you so handsome?), just started my campaign, planning on horsing it playing as a good guy. (never really liked playing evil in the first one, doesn't reward you as much) I'll be COMPLETELY honest here ladies, gentleman and everyone in between. I have an ulterior motive for messaging here today, although I did genuinely want to say thank you and. You know, Hi n stuff. I really want to pick someones brain if that would be at all possible. I'm on the first mission, done all the necessary silver scrolls and the big mans about to get roasted. I don't plan on leaving yet as I'm continuing my creatures training to advance to the second level. Now I distinctly remember there being a band for information that would appear to show you what your creature is feeling, what he wants, needs and will show you information like when you praise or punish "your creature won't choose to do that sort of thing from now on"
I really hope I'm not going mad and this is actually a thing because it does really help training. I can't find it in the options, Looked at creature help tick box which doesn't do anything that I can see, I've tried to consult google but this game is too dated now, you can't find any information about it anymore, except here. I'f someone could let me know if I've missed an option or if I need to progress further or anything would be greatly appreciated, Thanks a bunch guys.

hope to here back soon! Thanks for having me!
Title: Re: How-dily ho-dily neighbour-reenos!
Post by: BardBun on Apr 03, 2020, 12:18 am
Those messages will only show when you have finished all the golden scrolls and the portal is open, but by then the village will be constantly attacked with lightning bolts.
Title: Re: How-dily ho-dily neighbour-reenos!
Post by: Pancake01 on Apr 03, 2020, 12:25 am
so its a progression thing? thank you so much! I thought my game might be broken.
And, erm?... Hi btw.
Title: Re: How-dily ho-dily neighbour-reenos!
Post by: kennyS1mple on May 09, 2020, 12:11 pm
The Black & White series was pretty amazing aside from a few bugs and design flaws that could probably have been patched to correct. The bad could not detract from the good though, and even today 15 years later it still stands out as a unique combination of game genres ( I really enjoyed playing this game. I would like if they created a new game ( utilizing the same concept. The game was challenging at times yet very fun to play. Black and White 3 is long overdue.
Title: Re: How-dily ho-dily neighbour-reenos!
Post by: Zefire on May 24, 2020, 02:42 am
Might be a little late but to get the banner to pop up, you can go to the menu and Options > Advanced > "Check" the Creature help box and ensure help options above are on.  I keep mine on High Help, Story Text, and Intelligent ToolTips.

Once that is done you start a Skirmish Match vs AI, play for a minute and you should start to see the messages.