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Technical Help / Re: LAN games going out of sync
« Last post by Tytan on Jan 19, 2020, 06:38 am »
In case anyone is following this, I've run some tests with 3 different machines across the same network, I'll call them:


The results:

MEDIA-PC connecting to host DESKTOP-PC: Game starts but with sync error
LAPTOP connecting to host DESKTOP-PC: "Could not connect to remote machine" error
DESKTOP-PC connecting to host MEDIA-PC: "Could not connect to remote machine" error
LAPTOP connecting to host MEDIA-PC: "Could not connect to remote machine" error
DESKTOP-PC connecting to host LAPTOP: Game starts but with sync error
MEDIA-PC connecting to host LAPTOP: Game starts successfully with no error

I have another laptop to try, but for now it seems the MEDIA-PC connecting to the LAPTOP is the most successful. I haven't tried a long game with that setup yet so I'm guessing it'll still throw sync errors after a while, but at least we should be able to quit and rejoin (in theory). If I figure anything else out I'll keep the thread updated.
Technical Help / Re: BW1 on Windows 7/8/10
« Last post by Lawrian on Jan 13, 2020, 08:22 pm »
Hi! I'm super sorry if someone already asked this! I may have missed it in the thread. I've been trying to follow this post exactly but I've been runing into some problems (Windows 10). I managed to delete the registry keys, install the game, the addons, and the first patch wthout issue. However when I get to the second patch it all goes wrong.

I click run as admin but it comes up with an error essage saying this:

"An installation support file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\InstallShield\engine\6\Intel 32\ctor.dll'
could not be installed.
Access is denied"

I dont really know how to give it more access than running it as admin? I decided to see if I could skip patch 2 and go straight to the fan patch but that didn't work correctly either. I clicked run as admin on the fan patch and it has an error message saying:

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item"

Again I dont know how to give it any more permission than i'm already giving it so I'm at a loss. I'm using the only user account on this laptop and am just running the ISO and patches from a folder on the desktop. I don't know what I'm doing wrong :( Please help if you can, I've been wanting to replay this game for years but I can never figure out how to make it work again. Thank you so much for your time!

(also so sorry I didnt add images. I'm stupid and couldnt figure out how)
Technical Help / LAN games going out of sync
« Last post by Tytan on Jan 13, 2020, 10:49 am »
Might be a bit of a long shot for such an old game, but I figured someone here may be able to help :)

I've managed to get a 2-player LAN game working, however at the start of the game both machines receive a warning message about being possibly out of synchronization. From that point onwards, the game gradually goes out of sync (creature being in different places, villages belonging to different players etc).

We've noticed that if we play on the same "team" the problem is much less apparent, and we don't receive any warning messages until about an hour of play in.

I'm guessing the problem stems from running an old game on modern PCs/network - I've tried using the B&W multiplayer client but I cannot get that to recognise the game installation on either machine, even when I download the game via the client and fix the registry etc. Has anyone experienced this before or have any suggestions?
Hello all! Glad I can be here!

I've been a long time player of this game. I remember my father installing it on our XP computer. Me and my siblings adored it. I've been trying to get the game to work, and finally got it to work today at last. So many childhood memories! Thank you to the community for making it work on recent hardware!

What else... Well I'm french, and playing Black & White at a young age helped me learn english earlier on! Also I always pick the tiger. I just have an affinity with this special boy!

I hope you all have a nice day! :laugh:
New Arrival Lounge / Questions and Brand New
« Last post by BrightSkys on Jan 11, 2020, 01:17 am »
Heya, everyone! Nice to meet you. There is a popular streamer/YouTuber I follow that just streamed Black and White 1 a few days ago! And holy crap the game looks like my cup of tea. <---- The VOD of the stream. Jerma's an entertaining dude if a little stupid at times.

Anyway, I wanted to say hello! I'd love to find a way that I could play this game! Especially since I can no longer legally purchase is, so please, if you could point me in a direction to figure that out, let me know.
Technical Help / Re: Black screen- epic miracle
« Last post by djzARG on Dec 20, 2019, 07:40 pm »
This is happening to me as well I would love to find a solution!
Modding and Scripting / Re: Diskussionstpic for the Mega Mod
« Last post by Kratzean on Dec 13, 2019, 11:28 am »
The map is right. Do yo uinstalled it over CI or over BW?
General Discussion / Re: Still working on it?
« Last post by Glass-Shadow on Dec 09, 2019, 05:48 am »
Well i think when you passes the 1000 citizen mark ... BAM ! crashes ! when saving or loading.
General Discussion / Re: B&W 2 crash on save
« Last post by Glass-Shadow on Dec 09, 2019, 05:46 am »
1.61 if i recap is probably the redux mod . I'm having the same problem . So it must be the amount of villager.. cause i cant save anymore once i have accepted the villager that comes in. gonna try to kill some in army !
Technical Help / Re: BW1 on Windows 7/8/10
« Last post by RealSmooth on Dec 08, 2019, 08:35 pm »
Autosave and save features aren't working.
autosaves at the beginning of the lands (the first creature stone on land one, and the temple being built on land 2) and then sometime into the game will say "LH has stopped working" forcing it to close and then when I reload the game I'm taken straight back to the start of the level
any help would be wicked

now it's just taken me right back to the start to the cutscene of the kid drowning :help
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