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Technical Help / Land 8 (Aztec 1) on Fire?
« Last post by AstralLuma on Yesterday at 07:20 pm »
Hi guys, so I've encountered a REALLY strange bug XD

So, as soon as I spawn into land 8 (the one which is S shaped and you go up against the Aztecs) literally everything is on fire. I mean everything, my creature, my mine, anything outside of Aztec Villages dies instantly.

Anyone else ever encountered this or know a fix for it please?
any help would be greatly appreciated <3
Downloads / Re: Lndromat v0.99 Update
« Last post by Shrooblord on Feb 09, 2019, 11:23 pm »
Alright! After extensive testing and a bit of headache, I have figured out the source of the crashes.

For me, at least, the following does not produce a crash:
1. Create a 512x512 image in GIMP.
2. Make sure only a continuous square area of 255x255 of that image, or less, is non-black i.e. any value higher than #000000.
3. Any pixel within this square can be any grayscale value between #000000 and #ffffff (although #ffffff will produce extreme mountains for the game).
4. Export as raw data in GIMP, using Planar settings --> it gets the .data extension.
5. Rename the file exension to .raw manually.
6. Import into lndromat.
7. Use the "dummy" .DDS file that came with the 0.96 release of lndromat but wasn't included in the current release.
8. Use the texture files from another land, for example Land1.lnd from the basegame -- or use your own texture set of course -- see instructions in the lndromat readme, in release 0.96.
9. Save as any filename.lnd.
10. Open in BW Surveyor --> confirm that the land looks like the heightmap as expected, and doesn't have any weird, jagged aliasing artefacts.
11. The land appears to be rotated 180 degrees from what you exported your image as, however. Keep that in mind if that's any sort of important to you. However, in-game, you'll be rotating around a lot anyway, so I'm not sure it matters much really unless you're very particular about on which part of your map the sun rises and sets. If so, experiment away and tell me what you find...!

Any other image size, or exceeding this "256x256 square within the 512x512 image" rule seems to crash lndromat on import. Staying withing those bounds, within the larger image, however, is fine! Any other image sizes produces either very weird resulting .LND files when inspected in BW Surveyor (think horizontally tiled versions of your heightmap, or extremely jagged toothbrush-like-looking landscapes), or simply crashes lndromat, making you unable to even produce the .LND file in the first place.

But keep to these steps, and you should be good to go!  :yourock:

My tip: create a layer that's 256x256 inside your 512x512 project, and make a 512x512 layer that's your bottom layer, filled in completely black. This is your "background layer". The 256x256 layer can be transparent on the edges, so you only have to "paint onto the black background", and when you export as raw data, it will flatten the image correctly without trouble. This is what I do, so that I know where my 256x256 bounds are (since they're where the layer ends).

However. If the "import textures from land file?" step is supposed to allow the program to generate textures that make sense, i.e. sand on beach areas, snow in the hills, rock/grass/dry grass in places -- then that's not what happens. Also, the Dummy.DDS file shows its ugly red-and-white stripes when you play the map in-game until you've scrolled over the area with your camera at least once, so it's probably worthwhile to find out where to get some proper low-res .DDS texture somewhere in the game's files (if you wanna use the official textures).

For the which-texture-where problem I assume I still need to define "countries" somehow, which is something I'm sure I've read about somewhere, but am not sure yet how to put into my maps.
General Discussion / Effects of happines
« Last post by venelin on Feb 09, 2019, 11:15 pm »
Does anyone know what are the exact effects of happiness? I know one is that unhappy people like joining the army but are there others?
Downloads / Re: Lndromat v0.99 Update
« Last post by Shrooblord on Feb 09, 2019, 12:54 am »
Awesome! Thanks!!

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to open my .raw files to start the map making process.

I'm using GIMP to export a heightmap as raw image data (file extension .data), then rename the extension to .raw manually. Then, when I try to open it in lndromat, the program just closes -- a crash?

I can't seem to find online how to export anything as a .RAW file; Minas's tutorial here seems to suggest to just "save the file as a .raw image", but all the sources online that I could find say that can't be done, and that .RAW images are only supposed to be imported, not exported.

Anyone know of a good .LND editing / creation tool that can import 2D heightmaps of other filetypes? PNG for example? I love the idea of lndromat, and using the dummy files contained in the 0.96 release I can see it works, just not for my own files.

Any other suggestions into how to get into map editing / creation for BnW are welcome. I like the flow of creating a heightmap first, so if that's still possible in another way, that'd please me.



It looks like Nospher had the same problem as I did, and that they posted a work-around that worked for me, too. Instead of creating a heightmap from scratch, I import and edit-in-place the sample one provided with the lndromat installation. Then I save it as .DATA and rename to .RAW, as described above. This now imports into lndromat!

However, it still is very error-prone: some situations seem to bug out and crash the program, and I haven't yet figured out why.

But for now, I can create and import heightmaps. Awesome! Off to landscape painting...!
Technical Help / Re: BW1 on Windows 7/8/10
« Last post by Quil the Great on Feb 06, 2019, 06:39 pm »
 :help I made this game start okay, using the tips from this post and some others (I.E. installing to a location other than default) on Windows 8, but the frame rate is abysmal! I tried a fix (put a file called DDRAW.DLL into the install folder), and it made a negligible difference. It is sort of playable but rather annoying, so if anyone has any help, it would be much appreciated! The hardware is an intel Core 2 Duo and 2GB of memory. Thanks!
Downloads / Re: Lndromat v0.99 Update
« Last post by Willy on Feb 06, 2019, 12:15 pm »
Hey Shrooblord

Matt was able to find a copy that he had download before Kayssplace went down. We've added it back in.
Downloads / Re: Scripting Editor
« Last post by Shrooblord on Feb 06, 2019, 11:01 am »
Wow Byron I wanna kiss you right now. <3
Downloads / Re: Darker Blue Fire Balls
« Last post by Shrooblord on Feb 06, 2019, 10:58 am »
Omigod blue fire is one of my favourite things ever. Good thing I study in a field that has a lot of Bunsen burners in my life...! x)

Thank you for this mod!
Downloads / Re: Lndromat v0.99 Update
« Last post by Shrooblord on Feb 06, 2019, 10:47 am »
I'm guessing the lack of a Download button on this page means this project has been taken down? That's unsettling; I've been told this is the best map editor out there for BnW .lnd files...
Downloads / Re: Full Eden Overhaul 1.1
« Last post by Shrooblord on Feb 06, 2019, 10:06 am »
Hey there!

This is super awesome. First of all, I didn't expect people to still be busy tinkering away at this game. Just wow!

I have a couple of problems with some of your changes though, specifically:
  • wolves are sheep now
  • most worship sites start off already built now.

which I thought were fine and added something to the game that's now gone. Could you tell me how you effected these so I can revert them back to normal?

Additionally, I'm very curious about the line
and lots of other things you probably wont notice even though they make the game better.

---> what are these lots of other things I probably won't notice even though I'd love to know what they are? I'm a guy who spends an hour or so reading patch notes whenever a game is updated, and gets excited over every change I agree with, so humour me please...
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