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1. Board etiquette
-Rudeness will not get you very far. Respect needs to be earned and is not to be taken for granted.
-Do not troll. No, really. Do not post overly provocative messages or pointless comments. Do not whine about this with freedom of speech arguments - this forum has taken hard work to build and it is not your right to tear the quality of posts down.
---If you spot someone trolling, report it. Do not flame back, pick a fight or an argument. This is called not feeding the trolls and it helps to keep the forums clean.
-Do not discuss religion or politics as these have proven to be especially flammable subjects. Copy-pasting chainletters to the forums isn't a good idea, either, as they are rather pointless. Same goes for advertising services that borderline copyright laws, for example music download software.
-Do not discuss warez or other illegal activities on the forums. This could get the staff in legal trouble and is not tolerated because of that.
-Do not link to or attach material to posts that is unsuitable: no porn, no viruses.
-If you absolutely must speak with someone about their behavior, don't do it in a topic, do it in PM. No catfights or petty vendettas on the forums.

2. Posting
-Think before posting and think again before hitting "Reply".
-Do have a point in your posts. Do have a full sentence in your reply. More than one line of text is encouraged. Bigger posts are easier to read when using paragraphs.
-Do not post IN ALL CAPS. You don't shout all the time in real life either.
-Do not post flamey or spammy topics. These are fun for two whole posts - your post beginning it and the Admin/Mod post ending it.
-Do not double post if it is possible. You can edit your own messages for an hour after posting them, so please exercise this ability instead of posting an addition straight after it.
-Use the search feature before starting topic to ask for help. Most questions have been asked before.

3. Language
-Keep it clean. No swearing, thank you.
-Do strive towards understandable English. There are many foreigners on these boards and slang and alternative spelling may make it extremely hard to understand your messages. You do not have to be perfect, but try, try, try to make your point across as well as possible. Oh, and spellcheck is your friend. It is not nice to ignore your friend.
-Do not try and trick the auto-censor system. It'll come to life, get cranky and angry and we will have to begin feeding it human sacrifices. It wasn't fun the last time, so please, not again.

4. When posting images, conform to these limits:
-Signature banners should be 100 px in height and 500 px in width, max. They shouldn't be bigger than 80 kb in filesize.
-Avatars are 60x60 px, max.
-Do not use avatars or signatures that might give someone an epileptic seizure. Rapidly moving images and quickly changing flashing things are bad.
-Do not post images that contain unsuitable, obscene or upsetting scenarios. This goes to avatars and signatures, too. If a mod or admin has removed it, don't put it up again. If you do, you risk getting banned.

5. Miscellany
-Breaking the rules will lead to being told off, then officially warned and then banned if no change in posting habits is seen.
-Any disrespect towards a Kayssplace official will not be tolerated, not on forums, not in PM. We run this here joint for you and are only doing our job even if you don't like it.
-Decisions made by mods are final. If you feel you've been subjected to horrid injustices and unfairness, contact Kays. It doesn't get more final than The Boss' word.

6. In a nutshell:
-Think before you post
-Do not flame
-Do not post in all upper case or caps
-Do not spam
-Do not double post
-Respect others and the rules
-Do not feed trolls
-Check your posts before hitting "Reply" and give it a second thought
-Report rules violations
-Search before starting a topic to ask a question.

7. Enjoy! Ask around if you're not sure of something

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