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I'm not a skinner by myself but I decided to create this topic for those who want a skin, just say for which game and creature.
If the skin is ready post the information here, the skin can be send through E-mail or chat programme.

Good idea, Dark!

If anyone needs a skin, I'm at your service! You can safely contact me either here or at MSN. :)

How about a plant skin for my ape? With veins and leafs covering its body and yellow glowing eyes :) Plant monster.
Though it would suit the turtle better I think... I like the ape best.

can you give the bear bigger claws, just that i cant make them myself :D

Hidden Miles:
Yea i have one, how about the gorilla as donkey kong lol!  :D

I would love to see that gorilla pick up a norse woman and run off  :laugh2


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