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Freezing for a minute regularly
« on: Yesterday at 07:30 pm »
Hi everyone,

So I'm pretty sure I had the game working properly about a year ago. When I tried it recently it would take a long time to initially load the game (the load bar doesnt move at all for several minutes then loads fine) and during gameplay it will freeze for about a minute every 5-10 minutes. Everything else seems to work well.

I'm running out of ideas of how to fix this, here are the things I've tried:

- Freshly installed a number of time following Matt's advice, deleting any old registries I could find
- Installed to a different folder from the default
- Tried various compatibility modes and I always run as administrator
- Played using minimum graphic settings
- Altered permissions on all folders
- Went into my Nvidia control panel and disabled a bunch of features for running Black and White and it didn't seem to change anything

I first thought it was the autosave but that always comes and goes quickly, saving itself is always very fast and I have no issues there. It seems to be that loading is just very slow. I wonder if something in the game loads periodically?

Has anyone else had this issue? Any other ideas on how to fix it?