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Re: BW1 on Windows 7/8/10
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I installed the game like this:

1. Open the CD-Folder
2. Run Autorun.exe as Administrator
3. Install the game and dont open it.
4. Installed the Add-ons in that order:  the leopard, the mandrill, the gorilla and the horse and the villager banter
5. Run as Admin and install Patch 1.1 and before finishing, it says my game does not have the correct version.
6. Run as Admin and install Patch 1.2 and before finishing, it says my game does not have the correct version.
7. Run as Admin and install FanPatch.
8. Setting the Resolution to 1920x1080.
9. Open the CD-Folder
10. Run Autorun.exe as Administrator
11. Select Start Game.
12. Getting the Intro.
13. When skipping the Intro/Trailer with esc, the game goes to the loading screen with a tip.
14. When it shows the Loadingscreen, the game instantly closes itselfe.

What is my problem here?

Also is there a Discord link to join the community?

I had similar issues with Windows 10 64-bit (newly installed OS (not upgraded from previous version), all current OS patching completed).  Turns out the official game patches ABSOLUTELY HATE the Black & White folder naming conventions with special characters.  (Largely due to the fact x86 OS had only one Program Files folder and 64-bit has two with the addition of "Program Files (x86)". Official patches glitch, and secdrv.sys is blocked, which means the game won't patch, and the SafeDisc DRM won't load either.

To fix mine, I uninstalled everything, killed the folders, deleted the InstallShield folder {E51B4CD9-A0A6-4324-B26A-31B3F2DE26CE}  in the x86 directory, removed all registry entries.  I created a folder called "Legacy" in the "C:" drive.  I removed all inheritance as well as all attributes, to include the indexing attribute.  I re-installed the game using the folder I designated as "C:\Legacy\Black-N-White\"

(no & in the name)

The official patches installed as expected and then the FanPatch.  Game now runs where before it would only show the intro, then crash at loading screen.

FanPatch *MUST* have patches 1.10 and 1.20 installed to work.
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Re: BW1 on Windows 7/8/10
« Reply #256 on: Aug 13, 2020, 07:42 pm »
Hello Handsome Matt, thanks for all the great work you do to improve this game and make it playable for all of us.

I wanted to ask you about a Runtime error I am getting while trying to play the game. I posted it in the technical help forum, but wanted to get your direct attention if possible. The error is probably one you've heard about, but I can't figure out what I need to do to get rid of it and would appreciate any help you can provide.

The error reads "Runtime Error! Program: (x86)\Lionhead Studios Ltd\Black & White\runblack.exe abnormal program termination."

Thanks again for all you do to make these games better, and I hope to hear from you when you have the time.

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Re: BW1 on Windows 7/8/10
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