Author Topic: Runtime Error During Saving When Miracles are Being Cast  (Read 98 times)

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So far itís been happening during empowered heal (canít remember the actual name of the miracle) and Physical Shield. The healing temple on Land 2 was the cause, and had me mystified at first as to what was the actual cause behind it, but after noticing that Physical Shield does it as well, the culprit exposed itself slightly ó which was enough.

Affects every method of saving and saving to different slots, so itís a very good idea to disable auto saving.

Iím on 1.41, BTW (W7, windowed mode).

Possibly a low priority fix for the futureÖ if at all doable? :)

Edit: Okay, the issue is apparently a bit more complicated than I initially thought cause now the game is guaranteed to crash on saving after restarting and letting the temple cast once. It looks like itís hitting a limit of sorts that the save system cannot handle? I can save as many times as I want right after the restart, but one cast of either the heal or physical shield and boom ó saving will no longer be tolerated. Quite frustrating.

Edit2: So, after cozily settling myself in on Land 5 with Nemesis conveniently neutered, I managed to replicate the issue again ó which took me days this time due to random setbacks like Nemesis fireballing or lightning bolting villages despite having no village centers (and, in consequence, miracles ó that cheater! And influence, too! The AI just does whatever it wants in this game.) as well as expecting the minimal amount of symmetry I could afford. (Imagine how much more pleasant this game would have been if you could just shape landscape or rotate buildings manually.) In the end, it took a village of 800 to cause the game to return the runtime error again ó which felt like a lot more than I did on Land 2 when I spammed the cheapest Norse houses.

Ironically, the game hung during the on-exit save when taking that second screenshot ó and destroying Nemesis caused a similar thing to happen during loading, which was actually rather disastrous as I couldnít switch to any other location.

I think, overall, thatís gonna be the end of the Black & White experience for me. The game hardly works as a building sim. I am somewhat curious what the multiplayer meta was like for this game, but considering all the nuisances, it couldnít have been too exceptional.
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