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HandsomeMatt and Other Coders
« on: Jul 03, 2019, 08:41 am »
Can you guys please create a sticky at the top of the New Arrival lounge with directions for stupid people on how to play extra maps, or do whatever extra stuff there is... multiplayer?  The gist of it?  How to for most of us using virtual copies of our old CDs, how to use the extras in general, because I'm pretty sure people ask the same stuff over and over yeah?  If not, okay thanks for the extras anyways.  I did try using skins a year ago and got nothing.  Also creature unlocker and no.  I'm also hoping to see info on "creature isle", can't believe I missed that, I've only been playing this game for like 10 years straight, but I just noticed Creature Isle, have NO idea what it is.  :P