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LAN games going out of sync
« on: Jan 13, 2020, 10:49 am »
Might be a bit of a long shot for such an old game, but I figured someone here may be able to help :)

I've managed to get a 2-player LAN game working, however at the start of the game both machines receive a warning message about being possibly out of synchronization. From that point onwards, the game gradually goes out of sync (creature being in different places, villages belonging to different players etc).

We've noticed that if we play on the same "team" the problem is much less apparent, and we don't receive any warning messages until about an hour of play in.

I'm guessing the problem stems from running an old game on modern PCs/network - I've tried using the B&W multiplayer client but I cannot get that to recognise the game installation on either machine, even when I download the game via the client and fix the registry etc. Has anyone experienced this before or have any suggestions?