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Hello  :help

I am facing a nasty bug when I build a big Japanese wonder (boosted by artifacts, 60.000 wood cost):
The worshipers get "lazy". It doesn't matter how high the totem is, there are only 20 villagers worshiping. The rest are "hiding in worship site".
Maybe the effect of this wonder "Villagers feel hungry less often" breaks some rule about laziness
Note 1: It happens in Land 3,4 and 5 whit any tribe.
Note 2: Destroying the wonder, reverses the bug.

First question: Does anyone know a workaround?
Second question: Can a mod/developer person try to fix this with a patch?


i always thought meeting your villagers demands too much and making too many disciples makes them lazy. i had no idea wonders can have the same effect.
have you tried feeding them less?!
if you're interested, you can change the script to increase their desires


those are the desires. you can paste them in the script that you use (in your Black and White directory under "Scripts", you open the one you use, for example Land 2, and then you paste them. the "0" stands for the town number. if the town in question is not town 0 then you have to change it to the appropriate town number.)
you have to load the island new for the effects to take place!
the 1 means maximum desire (minimum desire would be -1)
keep in mind that not meeting your villagers' desires makes you more evil tho

i hope this helps,

take care

Thank you four your answer.   :D

Well, I made some tests:
I've created a skirmish map of land 3. There I let the Celtic tribe to do anything by themselves, didn't create a single disciple and even keep the store pit with zero food. When I set them to worship me, 78 of 80 were dancing.
After building the Japanese Wonder they become lazy and as they took resting turns, the number dropped to 20. Of course if I put the totem to 0% and then to 100% they directly hide except that 20.

Didn't set the TOWN_DESIRE_BOOST to -1 because I want to recreate the normal play conditions.

If someone knows how to modify the hard-code of wonders effects (in which file is allocated), I can try to fix this bug.

Does this happen every time, il-vendetta?

i was suggesting to increase the town desires, to try to make them less lazy, not reduce them. that's why i used +1 in the lines. i just told you about the -1 for the sake of explaining the range of options (from -1 to +1)
but i don't know if that would fix anything either.

but if you don't wanna change the Script than what i suggested is not really a solution, anyways xD

i don't know if you can change the modify the hard-coded wonder effects. i've never heard of that being possible (but that might not mean much ;))


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